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Why I decided to do a Detox- and why it’s not as scary as you think!
ME? DETOX? You're Kidding... Me. The girl who was born with pasta in her mouth decided a 2 week detox[...]
Get Your “OM” Back-The meaning behind the chant from our yoga classes
Last week I was expressing my concerns to my friend an yoga instructor in the Boston area Christina Joy, that[...]
How to set healthy goals- AND REACH THEM!
It's that wonderful time of the year! It's the time when we can reflect on what we have accomplished and[...]
Yoga Props: 5 Ways to Use a Yoga Strap
It's no secret that my favorite things are yoga props. I always grab them before my class starts. And yes[...]
Thanksgiving Yoga Flow- You have enough, you are enough.
Be thankful for what you have I recently read an article that shook some real perspective back into me during[...]
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